"I never won the Premier League but I've won this!" #ImACeleb
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He yabba dabba did it! Harry Redknapp is your King of the Jungle. #ImACeleb #ImACelebFinal
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Of course this is how @EmAtack and @JohnBarrowman choose to enter the studio! #ExtraCamp
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The party isn't over yet! King Harry, Emily and John are on Extra Camp now. Get your questions to them! #ExtraCamp
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For the first time since 2014, we have a Jungle King! Congratulations Harry. #ImACeleb #ImACelebFinal
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The after-party of the year is underway on @ITV2 with some very special guests! @hollywills @antanddec #ExtraCamp
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Hes been an unforgettable Campmate, and a true Jungle legend. Harry Redknapp is your 2018 King of the Jungle! #ImACeleb #ImACelebFinal
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She kept us entertained with endless silliness, and has been on a massive Jungle journey. @EmAtack has finished in second place! #ImACeleb
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There's no bond like a Jungle bond! #ImACeleb
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This NEEDS to happen! #ImACeleb
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What would you order for your final three course Jungle feast? #ImACeleb
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One last time... @JohnBarrowman #ImACeleb
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After a totally awesome, totally fabulous time in Camp, @JohnBarrowman has finished in third place! #ImACeleb
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Harry's completed his final Trial! We think some cong-rats are in order. #ImACeleb
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Harry: "I'm alright Bob, it's nothing." Bob: *Pulls a cricket out of Harry's ear.* #ImACeleb
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Harry's literally always got football on the brain. #ImACeleb
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Candles, cartoons, lizards... Is there anything @EmAtack doesn't fancy?! #ImACeleb
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Something tells us @JohnBarrowman won't be feeling fabulous after that feast. #ImACeleb
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When Wham! comes on during an otherwise uneventful Christmas dinner. #ImACeleb
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A spider? A WHOLE SPIDER?! Wow. #ImACeleb
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Totally lost track of who was actually doing that Trial! @hollywills @EmAtack #ImACeleb
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.@EmAtack really will do anything for a pint! #ImACeleb
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Nope. Nope. Nope. #ImACeleb
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When you pour thousands of critters over her face and she complains about it. #ImACeleb
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Strong look, @EmAtack. #ImACeleb
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Its back for the final £100 is up for grabs every time you spot the #tombolabugs on tonights #ImACeleb some £100 winners so far @katieecarrxx, @cc97x will you be next? Follow @tombola & tweet #tombolabugsontv within 2 mins of seeing them
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The story of 2018 has been a great one, but we reach our final chapter tonight at 9pm! #ImACeleb
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When you're so excited about the #ImACeleb final that you don't know what to do with yourself.
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Will John and his fabouuulous medical boot be the last to leave Camp and cross the bridge as the winner? #ImACeleb
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Can Harry take the title and finish top of the league as King of the Jungle? #ImACeleb
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Could Emily keep the reign of the Jungle Queens alive and bring home the crown? #ImACeleb
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They're the last ones standing... here are our Final three Campmates of 2018! Dont miss the coronation of your new Jungle King or Queen tonight at 9pm on @ITV and @WeAreSTV #ImACeleb
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So @adamthomas21 is against Yorkshire Puddings at Christmas! @ToffTalks @MsMelanieSykes & @larrylamb47 couldnt believe it Dont miss the #ImACeleb ad breaks to see more. However you do Christmas #EveryonesWelcome at @tescofood #ad
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All of the feels ahead of the I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! final #ImACeleb
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Last night we learnt that @JohnBarrowman is selfless for choosing to help a rat out instead of searching for his choc ice . Read six things we learnt from Day 21: #ImACeleb
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Dec and Holly play a game of Jumble in the Jungle, where they have to unjumble Jungle words. Get it? Watch the full video: #ImACeleb
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After 23 days in Camp, it's time to crown the next King or Queen of the Jungle! Will it be Emily, Harry or John? #ImACeleb
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Trial Tease: The last Bushtucker Trials of 2018 are upon us and the final three aren't getting off lightly... #ImACeleb
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.@FleurEast's prediction about bringing positivity to Camp was spot on! Shout-out to the vibe coordinator for keeping everyone smiling. #ImACeleb
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After 22 incredible days in the Jungle, @FleurEast has crossed the bridge back to reality . #ImACeleb
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