Take a look back through Queen Toffs incredible Jungle journey! @toffgeorgia #ImaACeleb
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Re-live @jamielomas21s Jungle Journey! #ImACeleb
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Congratulations to our new Queen of the Jungle! @toffgeorgia #ImACeleb
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@toffgeorgia is the brand new QUEEN of the Jungle! #ImACeleb
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Your votes mean that @jamielomas21 has finished in second place! #ImACeleb
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What you see is what you get! @toffgeorgia has been a fantastic Campmate from the very beginning. #ImACeleb
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When your food arrives and its everything you hoped for... and more #ImACeleb
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Hes been a great Campmate from the day he entered the Jungle and offended the whole Camp. What was your favourite @iainlee moment of the series? #ImACeleb
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Your votes mean that @iainlee has finished in third place! #ImACeleb
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Take a deep breath. The Trials are over for another year! #ImACeleb
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Mightve been best to ask that before you popped it in your mouth, @iainlee. #ImACeleb
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Helpful as ever, @antanddecofficial #ImACeleb
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@iainlee has faced it all during his Jungle journey. We do love a happy ending! #ImACeleb
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Current mood: VERY excited for the grand final at 9pm, but gutted it has to end! #ImACeleb@itv @wearestv1
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Have you got a question for one of our finalists? Theyll be in the #ExtraCamp studio tonight, and wed love you to send them some video messages! Click the link in our bio to upload a vid!
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When you find a stash of Christmas presents you're not supposed to know about... #ImACeleb
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4 Celebs. 10 pictures. Unlimited fun! #ImACeleb
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Life lessons from @jenniemcalpine - falling is inevitable, so you might as well do it with a cape on your back and a smile on your face #ImACeleb
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She swapped the cobbles for critters and made it to the final four. What a journey it's been for @jenniemcalpine! #ImACeleb
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Its been the journey of a lifetime for @iainlee, @jamielomas21 and @toffgeorgia but all good things must come to an end. Dont miss the coronation of your new Jungle King or Queen tonight at 9pm on @ITV and @WeAreSTV! #ImACeleb
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