He's been courageous and his laugh has been contagious... Make some noise for your #CBB WINNER, @ryanthomas84!
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She entered as the President but she's leaving as your #CBB runner up! Let's hear it for @kirstiealley!
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We've seen how he walks out of the club, and now we're seeing him walk out of the #CBB House in 3rd place! Congratulations @danosborneofficial!
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He was the calming force in the House that everybody went to for advice. Now finishing in 4th place, it's @theoriginalroguetrader! Congratulations #CBB
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Leaving the #CBB House in 5th place, it's @sallymorgantv! It must have been written in the stars
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She was the Scouse in the House and now she's walking out in 6th place! Show some love for @gabbydawnallen! #CBB
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@emmawillisofficial is ready to crown the next Celebrity Big Brother WINNER! #CBB
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Theres only a few hours to go until THE FINAL! #CBB
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Who would have predicted @sallymorgantv would be such a great housemate! Shes thoughtful, caring and been a great friend. Is she your winner? Find out tonight at 9pm on @channel5_tv
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Raise a smile for @ryanthomas84 An incredible housemate who brightens up any day with his infectious laugh Is Ryan your winner? Tune into #CBB at 9pm on @channel5_tv to find out!
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@theoriginalroguetrader is calm, trustworthy and has really come out of his shell... He was the last person to enter the #CBB House, but will he be last out tonight? Find out at 9pm on @channel5_tv
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Lets cheers to our finalist @kirstiealley Shes funny, honest, and well all miss her hilarious stories! Is she your #CBB winner? Get voting and find out tonight at 9pm on @channel5_tv
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The gorgeous @gabbydawnallen is a strong, caring and down-to-earth housemate. Keep her smiling by voting her as your #CBB WINNER! The Final is tonight at 9pm on @channel5_tv
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@danosborneofficial might not know what an avocado is but he definitely knows how to have fun! Hes entertaining, honest and always up for a laugh, but is he your #CBB winner? Find out tonight at 9pm on @channel5_tv
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Can you believe it's The Final!? What's been your favourite moment from the series? #CBB
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