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Brooke Vincent

Status: Eliminated
Finish Stage: Grand Final

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[ Sun 11th Mar 2018 20:13 ] @BrookeLVincent shouting out fix is what Im here for tho like shes knows she won that trophy The look on the judges faces is why we know she didnt... IM SO PROUD OF U BOTH @BrookeLVincent & @heyitsmatej #DancingOnIce
[ Sun 11th Mar 2018 20:13 ] @JakeQuickenden & @thevanessaba deserved that so much omggg I am so happy for them!! Also a massive well done to @BrookeLVincent and @heyitsmatej you were amazing too! @dancingonice #DancingOnIce
[ Sun 11th Mar 2018 20:13 ] @BrookeLVincent well done Brooke what youve done has taken guts & stamina. Doing #dancingonice and #coronationstreet together youre deffo a winner. Good luck
[ Sun 11th Mar 2018 20:12 ] #DancingOnIce what an awful response from Brooke Vincent!! Poor loser Jake was by far the best and totally outstanding
[ Sun 11th Mar 2018 20:12 ] @BrookeLVincent you deserved to win that trophy but you were the last girl standing and u did it for the girls. Definitely 100% our queen of the ice! Congratulations xx #dancingonice
[ Sun 11th Mar 2018 20:11 ] Have people not been watching @itvdancingonice because if they had, they would have seen that @BrookeLVincent has a sense of humour, and she was joking when she said what she said. She also didnt push Jake off as she obviously wanted him to have his moment #DancingonIce
[ Sun 11th Mar 2018 20:11 ] All the best to @BrookeLVincent too you came so far and youre performances tonight were amazing #DancingOnIce #dancingonicebrooke @dancingonice
[ Sun 11th Mar 2018 20:11 ] Well done @BrookeLVincent! Congratulations, you need a well deserved rest now I think. I have been voting so for you so much that I used my 5 free votes on the #dancingonice app and even voted on my mobile that I ran out of my safety buffer! Money well spent though! @dancingonice
[ Sun 11th Mar 2018 20:11 ] I just wanted to let @BrookeLVincent know that the last skate that she performed was absolutely gorgeous..I was in awe of the progress you've made throughout the season...You may not have won but your certainly my MVP.. #DancingOnIce
[ Sun 11th Mar 2018 20:10 ] Well done @BrookeLVincent - massive achievement !!! #proud #dancingonice
[ Sun 11th Mar 2018 20:10 ] Great final tonight Who had your votes? #DancingOnIceFinal #DancingOnIceFinal @dancingonice @JakeQuickenden @BrookeLVincent @maxevans13 #DancingOnIce #jakequickenden
[ Sun 11th Mar 2018 20:09 ] Well done @BrookeLVincent on 2nd in @dancingonice showed determination throughout to improve & ended with a stunning bolero #DancingOnIce
[ Sun 11th Mar 2018 20:09 ] well done @JakeQuickenden and @BrookeLVincent a wonderful final and 2 well deserved winners #DancingOnIce
[ Sun 11th Mar 2018 20:09 ] Would of loved Brooke to win I think her bolero was better and her journey... But well done to Jake he was fantastic too! Can't wait till next year when it's back! #DancingOnIce #TeamBrooke @BrookeLVincent loved meeting you a few years ago at the studios you were so lovely!
[ Sun 11th Mar 2018 20:09 ] Very proud of @BrookeLVincent for making it to 2nd place! Out of everyone she improved the most with having zero skating & zero dancing experience!! #DancingOnIce

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Semi Final 1,518 172 31 5
Grand Final 1,621 176 99 0

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