Who's ready for another bombshell? Former Miss Newcastle Rebecca is looking for a "Jack the lad" in the villa! #LoveIsland
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Weighing up whether to have a pizza or salad for dinner like it's a hard decision #LoveIsland
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When people ask what my favourite Ariana song is. #LoveIsland
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Trying to work out what my horoscope means like... #LoveIsland
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"Daddy Mike needs to keep out of everyone's business" #LoveIsland
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Great weekend with this one! #LoveIsland
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Get you a man who can do both #LoveIsland
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Brb just playing this clip of Mike and Leanne being adorable on repeat Love #LoveIsland
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Protect Jess at all costs Love #LoveIsland
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Wonder if it's Connor or Connagh that's responsible for this expression... Find out tonight at 9pm on @itv2. #LoveIsland
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