"We have just won Love Island!" Congratulations Paige and Finn, we can't wait for the housewarming invite
Likes: 10,479
An amazing moment for an amazing couple. Here's when Paige and Finn became your winners
Likes: 7,799
They've made us laugh, cry and feel all the love! Love Say hello to your winners, Paige and Finn
Likes: 56,187
Their time in the villa has been an actual fairytale, 100%! Siannise and Luke T are your second place couple
Likes: 19,969
Their smiles have lit up the villa ever since they coupled up Huge congrats to Luke M and Demi, they finish in third place.
Likes: 19,692
Ched muscled his way into Jess' heart, and they've been inseparable ever since. Congrats on finishing in fourth place!
Likes: 8,514
Hands up if you cried happy tears watching the Islanders' declarations
Likes: 12,978
Ladies and gents, your class of 2020. What a bunch of beauts!
Likes: 28,288
100% stunning
Likes: 29,439
Some of our Islanders have got the moves... and some have got two left feet
Likes: 841
Our Islanders really are a funny bunch, aren't they?
Likes: 6,776
Who have you awarded the 'Banter boss of the villa'? And who did you lot think had the best sauce? Yep... it's Love Island awards time!
Likes: 852
First Look: Our finalists get their dancing shoes on, and things get emotional ahead of the Love Island Prom
Likes: 6,879
If there's one thing we know about our Islanders, it's that they're 100% stunnin', they even say so themselves...
Likes: 718

How Did We Assign The Stats?
Love Island Episodes
How To Read The Stats
The social media stats are an indiciation of where contestants rank - they're not a prediction!
Here are some things to consider...

Demographics: What kind is audience is watching Love Island? How do they compare to the age-range and values of the average Facebook user? A contestant that is well-received on Instagram may not be quite so popular on Facebook.

Running Order: The stats don't account for the running order of the contestants, recency bias has proven to be a significant factor in reality TV outcomes, those performing later often do better.

Sample Size: The more engagement a post has, the clearer the picture. For some shows, 50 Likes can be the difference between apparent safety, or elimination. When numbers are close together, it becomes harder to determine the outcome.

Contestant Type: Is the contestant famous because of social media? Do they come from a country with highly patriotic citizens? Joke contestants tend to get high engagement on social media as people share amusing content. However, this may not translate to votes.

Engagement Type: Not all engagement is equal. Consider that clicking 'Like' on Facebook is fairly non-committal, whereas clicking 'Share' will add the content to the user's timeline.

There are many other factors to consider! Our advice is to look at all the stats across all platforms and try to determine the general ranking of each contestant. Good luck!